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Social media is everywhere these days. The reason behind the popularity of social media is that it helps people to get connected to the people personally or for the business purpose. In fact from the business point of view, it is the best platform where you can promote your brand and get business recognition. Though it requires applying different strategies and techniques to grab the attention of the audience you can get the best results out of it. So Buy Real Active Instagram Followers or increase the number of followers on LinkedIn, social media is the playing field for every business.

Techniques to increase the LinkedIn followers:

Social media consist of many popular platforms that are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Quora
  • Flicker
  • Pinterest etc.

You can create a profile on any social media platform that best suits your brand. In fact, you should select a social platform according to your niche. It will help to target the audience by demographics. For example, you can Buy Instagram Followers if you are running a hair and brow saloon. All you must assure is that you have succeeded to keep your audience engaged.

You know that getting followers on social media is extremely important. Same is the case with LinkedIn. You need to get more followers on LinkedIn to make your profile famous, and following tactics can help you in this regard:

  • Engage the employees:

LinkedIn has the world’s most significant professionals, and you can target them to increase your number of followers. To grow the number of followers on LinkedIn, you should engage your employees too. It means that you should ask them to add their position in your company on their profile. By doing this, they will automatically become your followers. You will be able to show your company page on their profiles as well.

  • Add the follow button:

You should not ignore the importance of LinkedIn in boosting your business. It can help you to target the high professionals that can help you in your brand recognition and growth. Put a follow button on your website that will help people find your LinkedIn page without any difficulty.

  • Promote your page:

It is a fact that the social media is the best platform to promote your business. But it is also true that you cannot ignore the other platforms as well. To improve your business page, you should add a link on your e-mail, etc. as well.

  • Be active in the groups:

Like any other social media platform, you should create groups or join groups on LinkedIn as well. It will help you to explore and find more productive information about the business and industry. You should also take part in the group discussions to know more about the brands and business.

  • Keep track of your success:

It is crucial to measure the success to take further actions. You cannot develop new strategies unless you are aware of the fact that where your business stands. So, to measure your success on LinkedIn, you should use the analytics tab on your business page. You should track how many followers you have gained more.

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How to Find Beard Styles on Instagram

Instagram is a mobile and web based application that is designed in such a way that it locates the relevant information on the World Wide Web. To use the Instagram application, a registration or login account is required and after that any information related to any topic can be found on Instagram. The best thing about Instagram is that it shows all the information and also displays the relevant pictures with it. It can also be said as a hub for blog posts. There are all types of information on Instagram. Instagram has now become a widely used application all over the world. The users of Instagram are of all age groups because it does not focus on some specific age group related material but on everything like, art, cooking, makeup, photography, business etc. or anything that a person. For example, if a person types how to find beard styles on Instagram, several results will pop up on Instagram with relevant pictures.

Beard styles for Different faces:

Before growing a beard, it is very important to know the right face style, and then a person can go on exploring or trying new and cool beard styles for their face shape. The following faces will suit the following beard styles.

The round face:

If a person has a round face, the beard should be kept longer at the chin so that it gives a longer shape to the face and makes it look less round than it is. It would also hide the chubbiness from the neck.

The Long face:

For a person who has a long face, the exact opposite of the round face should be done. The beard should be kept small and close to skin at the chin so that it does not look abnormally long and weird.

The Square face:

Something similar to the round face should be done on a square face and the beard at the chin should be kept longer and shorter at the sides so that a defined shape is given to the face. A goatee is a very good idea for a square face.

The Large face:

On a large face, shorter facial hair would look odd and make it appear even larger than it is. So a big moustache and thick beard is a very good option for a larger face.

The Small face:

Smaller faces would hide behind thick beard and thick moustaches so, to keep the beard trimmed close to the skin and short is a very good option for people with small beards because it would make their eyes prominent and give definition to the face. People often type How to find Beard styles on Instagram and followers and find these recommendations on it which is very helpful.

The Oval Face:

The oval shaped face is considered the best one to keep a beard because it suits every beard style and does not need any specific beard style to make it look presentable.

Biography of IbnBattuta

Ibn Battuta was the Moroccan Muslim scholar and the traveler. His full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta. He was born in 1304 and was famous for his expeditions and traveling. He traveled almost the whole world. The countries where he went are listed below.

  • North Africa
  • West Africa
  • Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe.
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • China

He narrated his traveling experiences to  Ibn Juzay.

Early life:

He was born in the Tangier Morocco on February 1304. He was named as Shams ad-Din his family has the tradition of services as judges and belong to the Berber origin. He got an education n Islamic law. His studies on Islam inspired him to travel and perform the one of the important pillars of Islam, the Hajj.

Start of travel

He started his travel in jun 1325, he was just 21 years when he left his native home. He reached to Mecca in about 16 months. After performing Hajj he continues his traveling and came to thehome after 24 years. He traveled through theland. To avoid the risk of attacks he moved with the caravan as the traveling in the groupwas considered safe. He got married in the town of Sfax.

Exploring different lands

His journey begins by exploring Middle East and afterthat, he set his voyage through red sea towards the Mecca. He also went to Iraq and Iran by passing through the huge deserts. In 1330, he startedtraveling again and via red sea, he went to Tanzania. Spending two years there he went to India in 1332. Sultan of Delhi welcomes him wholeheartedly. He stayed in India for eight years and did a job of ajudge. After the 8 years of service, he went to explore the China. In 1352, he moved to other lands and by crossing Sahara desert he reached to the Africa.

Returning home and writing on experiences

He returned home in 1355 and told all his experience to the leader of the time. During his traveling, he experienced different incidents, came through with different cultures and also participated in some battles.   He was shocked by the behavior of women in various regions and the dress traditions in other Muslim countries. Thus the whole journey was full of fun, enjoyment as well as the wonderful experiences. The leader told him to write all his traveling experiences so that the people also know about the various traditions and cultures of different continents. So he wrote the book with the name Rihla. The book stated about the life of Ibn Battuta. He wrote all his experiences he faced during his journey to various regions. After his journey, he was appointed as Judge in Morocco. He died in 1368. His book provded an important information about all the countries he visited in the14th century. The people enjoy reading the cultures, traditions, and technology used at that time.He provided the comprehensive description about all the places he visited that time.

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How often to post on social media?

Social media helps to engage followers. Followers are entities who help to achieve business and personal goals on social media. You need to post updates on different social media platforms to engage followers. It is essential to engage followers for a long time period. It is possible when you post updates on regular intervals.

Social media followers

Followers are essential part of any profile on social media. You need to create followers even you are famous personality offline. Online recognition and reputation can be built by creating followers and engaging them. You need to maintain followers through different strategies. Each network requires followers for users such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter. You need to focus on current and potential followers consistently. It is possible when you post updates regarding activities back on the screen. In addition, you can post photos and videos for your followers.

When to post on networks?

Posting on all networks is essential to engage followers on these networks. It is critical to mention when to post on these networks. But it can be managed effectively for when to post for your followers. You need to judge time when your followers most often like your photos and comment on these. You can estimate this time and post updates on that time. It will help to engage followers and get more potential followers. In addition, you need to post content which must be beneficial for followers and viewers. They will engage toward your content if they find it useful for themselves.

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Why to post consistently on social media?

There is a question arises when we talk about posting content on social media. It finds why you need to do it. There are several reasons behind posting content consistently and continuously. You can publish your posts on social media to achieve business goals and engage customers. Here we discuss some of the reasons for why you need to post consistently on social media. These reasons are as follows:

  • Getting more followers and current viewers

You need to post on regular time on different social media networks such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. It helps to engage followers and get more viewers for your content. According to a research, you need to post approximately 3-5 times per day on twitter. It is important as a business and as a personality on social media. In this way you can also buy instagram likes so your fans can see the posts.

  • Publish your content

Publishing a content on social media is essential for getting more viewers. Your content is a material which is a key to engage these viewers toward your profile. This content can be published when you post it consistently on different social media platforms.

  • Viral content

Social media is a place where users want to get recognition. They want to get popularity on different social media platforms. They want to publish content which may go viral. A content may get viral when it contains interesting and useful content for viewers. They attract toward such material. A viral content is essential to get popularity on social media. For this purpose, you need to post continuously with different themes.

So, you need to post according to your followers time when they use social media. It can be estimated by using software and identifying at yourself.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is in preparation for the second edition of its International Festival in Tangier

Tangier City will host the second offering of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta from 9 until 12 of November 2017 with the theme: Travelers, Ambassadors of Peace.

AMARIB or the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta serves as the organizer of the festival to pay tribute to the accomplishments and contribution of the great traveler Ibn Battuta. The association is currently looking for participants, sponsors, volunteers, and partners to make this momentous event successful.

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta: 2nd edition, as what the theme promotes, is an event that stimulates amity by means of traveling.  The programs of the festival will be filled with facts about many travel literature, renowned explorers, underlining the amazing days of Ibn Battuta. The festival will serve as the stage for communication and exchange for the different players in the sector of culture and tourism from various parts of the world.

According to Ibn Battuta, traveling will make us speechless because all the discoveries that we are going to experience, and it will turn us into storytellers and educators about the information we have gained from traveling, and this is also what AMARIB wants to achieve with the celebration of the festival. They want to provide the people with an experience that cannot be forgotten and they want to support those who aspire to follow the footsteps of Ibn Battuta.

Furthermore, AMARIB is going to utilize its resources and requests all actors in the field of cultural development and promotion to participate in drawing more dignitaries, guests of honors, and businesses in the industry of tourism and traveling from different parts of the world.

The Honorary President of AMARIB, Mohamed Dekkak, said that the festival is expected to highlight the varied, colorful, and vibrant Moroccan culture. The festival is dynamic and will offer exciting side events promoting peace, cooperation, visual arts and music appreciation, and education while giving importance to the life of great Moroccan traveler. Moreover, the festival will serve as a useful tool to promote and increase the public appeal of the city to bring new opportunities and investments especially in the sector of tourism.

Ibn Battuta or Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al Lawati Al Tanji Ibn Battuta is considerd one of the great travelers in the world history. He was an explorer born in Tangier, and it is the duty of AMARIB to underline and uphold the Moroccan traditional custom as the commemorative act for Ibn Battuta.

He lived his life discovering and educating himself with the different nations and their distinct cultures through exploration. After he completed his pilgrimage to the city of Mecca which is the most sacred city in Islam located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he ultimately utilized the remaining part of the life for traveling and exploration.

After he had reached the conurbation of Mecca, he traveled to Greater Syria and Palestine.  Afterward, he swung over to Afghanistan and crossed the mountain range of Himalaya to reach India. He stumbled upon Sri Lanka and Maldives and then traveling at last to China’s eastern coasts before he returned to his motherland.

Ibn Battuta is deemed as a suitable example for goodwill due to his exceptional contribution and influence to the other current, and up-and-coming explorers who are will make their name in the history.

The festival will bring the works and contributions of Ibn Battuta to the next level with the participation of well-known artists, musicians, and celebrities while promoting Tangier as a viable spot for investments for foreign investors.

What is the best way to get followers to Shopify store?

What is the best way to get followers to Shopify store?

All social media networks give not good results without getting followers. You need to get followers for expanding business and increase customers. These followers are also important for getting popularity as a personality. In the present time, social media provides a huge platform for shopping. You can shop products by different brands on social media. For purchasing products on social media networks, followers play a key role. They help to motivate and purchase good products without wastage of money.

Social media followers

Users join social media networks for different purposes. They can use it for their business as well as personal purpose. They can do all of their important tasks by getting followers on these social media networks. These followers not only like and comment on updates but also help to achieve goals of updating posts. In this modern world, social media followers help to Shopify store. You do not need to go to market for purchasing products now. All of this can be performed by sitting on a couch at home. You can identify, search, select, purchase and then get delivery of products at your doorstep. All of this is because of social media. Followers help for how to shop products and services.

Ways of getting followers on social media

You can get followers by using different strategies. You need to engage these followers and maintain them for getting more benefits. Here we discuss some of the ways of getting followers. These are as follows:

Connect and collaborate with influencers

You need to get engaged with influencers. An influencer is a user of social media networks who has more followers. You need to collaborate with these influencers to increase traffic on your profile and website. You can be prominent on social media platforms by engaging with these influencers. There are different ways to engage with them such as like and comment on their updated posts. In this way, traffic on influencers profile will help you to get more followers for your brand.

Post relevant and original content

You need to post original and relevant content to get more followers. Such type of content will attract followers towards your profile. A content is more relevant when it helps followers to clearly understand the objective of posting. In addition, you need to fulfill needs of followers by this content. A content can grab the attention of followers when they find it useful for them. This content should address problems of followers and targeted audience.

Make your content interesting

To get more followers to Shopify store, you need to make your content interesting. You can create an interesting content by adding the different themes colorful background. You can add images in videos and make it interesting to see. It is important to create an interesting content for getting more potential followers.

So, these are the best ways to get followers for shop store. You can enhance customers when you buying Instagram followers and followers for other networks too. These followers can change into your customers and help to enhance traffic on your website.

Online Games

Why we need to understand the importance of unblocked games?

Unblocked games are games which need to be unblocked by proxy servers. People all across the world including children, the young generation, and old people like to play these games. They play these games online. It is because of internet connection facility which is available all over the world. It is the requirement of the internet in this modern world. We need to understand the importance of unblocked games because these are very beneficial for people of all age groups.

What are unblocked games?

These are games which are restricted to access by people. These games need to unblocked by using proxy servers. A proxy server is a server which helps users to access the file. In the proxy server, there is a flow of information among clients. One client gets permission to access the file from the main server which permits to access it. Then a user can play this kind of game. Different proxy servers are available which can unblock these games. You can select it according to your requirements of files. Various elementary schools maintain proxy servers for accessing games. They recognize the importance of games for students. They provide educational games for learning students.

Objectives of playing unblocked games

There are different benefits associated with playing unblocked games. People need to play these games, especially children. They feel relax and sharpen their mind by playing such games. Some of the benefits of playing these games are as follows:

Mental health maintenance

Children need to play unblocked games because these are beneficial for them. These games act as the therapeutic treatment against illness of children. These games help to fight against different kinds of diseases. They can maintain their mental health and sharpen their mind by such games. It fights against different diseases such as dyslexic, ADHD and other chronic diseases which disturb mental health of children. In addition, these games build thinking and analyzing power in children. They began to feel and respond to different behaviors of people. This is because of playing unblocked games.

Online availability

A huge number of unblocked games are available online. Children can play these games easily without any discomfort. Children prefer to playing online games due to an extensive number of games and huge variety. Children can play these games easily without being downloaded on the internet. They can select among the huge variety of such games. They can change the game when they do not like the first one.  In addition, they can change people for how they behave.

Easily affordable

All unblocked games are affordable for people. They can easily purchase these games from play stores. They can also download these games from different websites. In addition, they can also download these games on the laptop, Android phones, iPhone, and iPad. You just need the internet connection for downloading these unblocked games in present time.

So, unblocked games are very important for playing by children, young people, and even older people. They play these games with deep interest and get entertainment. Due to several benefits, we need to understand the importance of playing unblocked games.