Biography of IbnBattuta

Ibn Battuta was the Moroccan Muslim scholar and the traveler. His full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta. He was born in 1304 and was famous for his expeditions and traveling. He traveled almost the whole world. The countries where he went are listed below.

  • North Africa
  • West Africa
  • Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe.
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • China

He narrated his traveling experiences to  Ibn Juzay.

Early life:

He was born in the Tangier Morocco on February 1304. He was named as Shams ad-Din his family has the tradition of services as judges and belong to the Berber origin. He got an education n Islamic law. His studies on Islam inspired him to travel and perform the one of the important pillars of Islam, the Hajj.

Start of travel

He started his travel in jun 1325, he was just 21 years when he left his native home. He reached to Mecca in about 16 months. After performing Hajj he continues his traveling and came to thehome after 24 years. He traveled through theland. To avoid the risk of attacks he moved with the caravan as the traveling in the groupwas considered safe. He got married in the town of Sfax.

Exploring different lands

His journey begins by exploring Middle East and afterthat, he set his voyage through red sea towards the Mecca. He also went to Iraq and Iran by passing through the huge deserts. In 1330, he startedtraveling again and via red sea, he went to Tanzania. Spending two years there he went to India in 1332. Sultan of Delhi welcomes him wholeheartedly. He stayed in India for eight years and did a job of ajudge. After the 8 years of service, he went to explore the China. In 1352, he moved to other lands and by crossing Sahara desert he reached to the Africa.

Returning home and writing on experiences

He returned home in 1355 and told all his experience to the leader of the time. During his traveling, he experienced different incidents, came through with different cultures and also participated in some battles.   He was shocked by the behavior of women in various regions and the dress traditions in other Muslim countries. Thus the whole journey was full of fun, enjoyment as well as the wonderful experiences. The leader told him to write all his traveling experiences so that the people also know about the various traditions and cultures of different continents. So he wrote the book with the name Rihla. The book stated about the life of Ibn Battuta. He wrote all his experiences he faced during his journey to various regions. After his journey, he was appointed as Judge in Morocco. He died in 1368. His book provded an important information about all the countries he visited in the14th century. The people enjoy reading the cultures, traditions, and technology used at that time.He provided the comprehensive description about all the places he visited that time.