Choosing a suit for you and your shape

You may have been born with your body shape and no amount of time in the gym will make you taller or shorter, but there are ways to dress that allow you to show your best side. Tactical tailoring is your best weapon when choosing a suit and will make picking the right attire for your body shape that much simpler.

These tricks will ensure that whatever suits are currently in style (, you can wear them well.


Stand tall

If you are short, don’t despair – suits that give the illusion of height are easy to come by. All you need to look for is linear suits that create the appearance of one long line from head to toe. Add a deep V cut jacket and trousers with a slightly higher waist and you will add a good few inches to your appearance. If you opt for pinstripes, make sure they are not too thick; otherwise, they will weigh you down.

Choosing a suit for you and your shape


Take on tall

Height is generally not an issue, but you won’t want to appear to tower over others. The aim is to break up the space between your trousers and your shirt and ensure that nothing you wear looks too short. A longer-cut jacket also works wonders, while patterns or detailing can deflect the eye and make you look less long and lean.


Choosing a suit for you and your shape


On the skinny side

Skinny men can follow the same advice as tall men; in addition, they should ensure they avoid tapered or skinny fit trousers, as these make them look even slimmer. Textured or colourfulmens Farah shirts, which are available from stockists such as, can help you to add bulk, detracting the eye from your slim shape. A double-breasted jacket also adds weight, while some very subtle shoulder padding can be a winner.

Slimming down

Larger men are increasingly being catered to. If you are on the bigger side, you should not shy away from smart tailoring, as it can be your friend. You can use your suit to contour your shape and to create the illusion of a slimmer, taller build in much the same way a short man would, and you need to avoid drawing attention to aspects such as rounded stomach. Dark colours are your best bet, as they are very slimming.