FAQs About Finding A Transsexual Escort

Being attracted to a shemale is absolutely fine. After all, they are gorgeous and have the best of both the worlds. However, if you are new to dating a TS escort, it is normal to be a little nervous and anxious before the encounter.

Well, going on a date with a transsexual escort is great fun. They connect with men like no other genetic girl can. However, since this is your first time, you might be having plenty of questions in mind. So, to help you prepare a little before your big date, here we have mentioned a few frequently asked questions about dating a shemale escort. Go through them, and you will be as ready as anyone can be before the date with a TS escort…

FAQs about TS escorts

How do I find the right type of shemale Escort?

 This part is not as difficult as it seems. Fortunately, there are escort service agencies like LOveSita who have many beautiful and gorgeous TS escorts working for them. All you need to do is checkout their profiles and hire the one which perfectly fits your needs. You can also checkout the online reviews of different escorts through different review sites. Mostly, the reviews on these sites are pretty accurate.

I am very concerned about my privacy, what if someone found out I was with a TS escort?


Professional Trans escorts maintain complete privacy of their clients and you need not to worry about it. Besides, they are interested in maintaining a low profile too. After all, what they are doing is considered illegal almost everywhere. So, indiscretion isn’t an issue, unless you don’t pay her or anger her with unwanted calls and messages.

Do I need to carry something for my date with a TS escort?


Usually, she will have condoms, but if you want carry your own as well. If you want to be penetrated, go relaxed and loosen up your muscles a little. Be prepared, it will be more painful than you imagined it to be, for the first time. So, don’t get drunk as the best thing is to be sober while doing bottom the first time. Lastly, shower and clean up well, poor hygiene isn’t appreciated by any escort, not even transgender.

I want to be penetrated. How do I make sure she will before booking her?


This is a common desire of many men dating a TS escort. Well, if it what you want, simply ask her about it. Also, you can be sure about this by going through her ad. Her ad will indicate whether she is a “only top” (which means she will be the one penetrating), “only bottom” (which means only you can penetrate her), or “Top / Bottom” and “Versatile” (which means she is good both the ways and you choose whether to penetrate or be penetrated).

I want to do oral sex with her, is it ok?


This is one more common fantasy for straight guys dating Trans escorts. All the TS escorts know this well, and most of them will allow you to lick and suck her to your heart’s content.

Her penis size matters a lot to me, how do I know what she is packing down there?


Most of the TS escorts mention their size in their ad. Nevertheless, it is a bit exaggerated of course. So, if it says 8, you can expect it to be 7.

So, there you go. Be ready, you are about to have great fun with your Trans escort.