Five Auto Sales Tips for Dealers

Here are five more tricks every dealer needs to win a prospective customer’s interest and trust online.

Collect Reviews – Lots of Them!

Reviews on “impartial” review sites are more powerful than any posted on your own website. Encourage every (happy) customer to post one. The more you collect, the stronger your SEO, and the more likely your customers will see a good one. Also seek endorsements on social media sites like Facebook.

Google Ads

Online ads achieve nothing without analytics. You need to know exactly what keywords customers use to find a dealer. Ask every customer how they found you.

Five Auto Sales Tips for Dealers

If three other dealers down the road are already competing for “car dealer”, choose something more specific you can offer, such as “car dealer with free insurance” or “best motor trade insurance”. You can get advice from a company such as

Target Competitors’ Strong Points

The reverse is also true. If your closest competitor promotes “car dealer with free insurance”, that could be a good reason for doing the same. If it’s only you and him and he is doing better, at least you will always turn up in the same results he does.

You might be in a position to beat him at his own game. For example, “car dealer with free student insurance” will trump your rival’s ads if there is a big student market.

Negative Keywords

It’s no good increasing website traffic tenfold if they live in the USA and your business is in Woking. Broad keywords on your website attract visitors outside your area – but it costs you nothing. Using them in pay-per-click adverts is fatal, because every useless click costs money. “Cars for sale” sounds a great keyword, but “executive cars in Woking” helps deter clicks you don’t want.

Use WordStream Advisor or similar apps to identify and eliminate the irrelevant searches that lead to your site (see

Keep Marketing Proportional to the Market

A rookie mistake is to spend more on advertising when revenues dip. Why invest in a bear market? The best time to spend is when the markets are bullish. Tighten your belt when times are hard – make hay when the sun shines!

By the same principle, target the best days of the week (Friday/Saturday) or times of year, such as when new year plates are issued.