New Year’s Resolutions attempt making a Vision Map

New Year's Resolutions attempt making a Vision Map

It is a type of collage which is a collection of images and words that share my goals. The pictures and signs keep the goals in my mind throughout the year in a fun and creative way. Over the last few years I have concentrated on a phrase or word to direct me in the upcoming year. Words that came to me one year was “Produce.” From there I produced my affirmation, “I create what I need.” An affirmation is a positive statement that I repeat to on your own as a positive intent. If you are interested in making a Vision Map you can do it in many different means.

Right here are some ideas to get it together

Invest a long time in quiet contemplation identifying what you wish to see occur the following year. Is it a new job, new home, increase in money, or bringing more happiness into your life? If a word enters your mind, take into consideration placing that on your Vision Board.

Obtain with each other some heavy paper in a size that suitable for you. I utilized a big item of poster board and cut it in happy new year 2019 status half to the size of 11×18. Pull out some old publications, scissors, and glue and obtain reducing. Eliminate photos and words that appear to talk with you. Don’t overthink it. Just utilize what seems to fit where you want to go to the completion of this year.

New Year's Resolutions attempt making a Vision Map

Arrange and glue the photos on the paper in a way that looks pleasing to you. We are not speaking about creative work here. If you are not an artist, all the much better; simply get the pictures and words on the paper. Don’t overthink this, simply do.

Hang the image in a location where you can see it daily. I put mine in a private location where I can see it daily. Understand that might see your Vision Board and figure out if that is ALRIGHT for you. This can be a very individual process and you may really feel too exposed by having others see what you produced. If they are judgmental, that is not helpful.