Select Needle Valve For Your Application? Consider This First

Select Needle Valve For Your Application? Consider This First

As the industry standard, the valve needle valve used to control the flow. They have a construction such as Needles Valves good as the valve balloon; However, the needle valve is often used for the accurate control of the flow rate is reduced. Most small needle valve to control the flow of the first class. They are widely used to control the instrument, shut down the line and set the pressure for a variety of

Each needle valve should provide a connection that is protected and free of leaks, but this is just the beginning. Different applications have unique and individual needs of their own. When you plan to buy a needle valve, you need to pay attention to some important factors. Here are some of the most important things to consider before making a final decision

Pressure pressure

The pressure that can be offered by various types of valve needles varies depending on a variety of applications. High-performance needle valves have usually withstood the pressures of approximately 5000-6000 psi at a temperature of 100 ?f. in the scenario where a high level of pressure needed, the needle valves can support approximately 10 000 psi at 100 ?F is already available

Valve size

Needle valve design fully discoverable in any size variables and connection options. Pressure ratings shown above can be obtained with the tip of the male/female and in regular dimensions or metrics. Needle valves are usually available in sizes from 2 up to 11 mm and the average size of 1/8¬† “to 1 “. When selecting the proper size, you will have the security of a perfect and efficient operation with less wear and tear.

Operating temperature

As a component of the general industry, the needle valve is supposed to work in various environments for efficient operation. Temperature and many other things in the environment industry could become serious. Packing needle valves are generally used to help to identify the temperature range that can be tolerated. These are two of the most common ingredients used to enhance valve temperature range:


Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the most famous Teflon bases. When used to pack the needle valve, PTFE offers greater strength and greater resistance against high temperatures. The average package of PTFE used for temperatures from-65 ?F to 450 ?f.

Select Needle Valve For Your Application? Consider This First


Polyetheretherketone is a thermoplastic polymer natural colored, commonly used for engineering applications. This maintains the characteristics of chemical and motor resistance at a temperature high enough. When it comes to the needle valve, PEEK can increase the robustness of temperature up to 600 ?F when used as additional packaging.

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